Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vintage Inspired ATC Cards

ArtI am currently in a swap on the Cricut MB which is entitled: Vintage Swap With A Twist. I finished all my items by the due date of October 15. Our hostess is and was very busy trying to get all the items done and organized and we ended up having one flaker in a few groups. I asked her if she needed an "angel," and she did. I needed to create more ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) that were vintage inspired. So, here are more Vintage Inspired ATC's. The ATC's that read: When I was just a little girl and I asked my mother what will I be, Will I be pretty, will I be rich... Those were lyrics from a song sung by Doris Day entitled "Que, Sera." With the baby ATC's I used a paper butterfly and attached it to the back of the baby and cut the baby out of the picture and sat her on the bird.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Altered Vintage Halloween Tags

Last night, I was pondering over the idea of what to send to each group member of the Halloween ITT's. I wanted to make something special, and decided on Halloween Tags. They may all look the same but no two are alike. I used various fibers, a MS punch, Grunge paper, Feathers, and bling. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trick-Or-Treat Halloween M.S. Punch and Jolee's Blog Candy Give-A-Way

Happy Halloween and Happy Harvest! I wanted to have a fun little giveaway to honor the fall, one of my favorite times of year. The winner will be picked via and will be picked on
                                                         October 27.
The winner will recieve a brand new Martha Stewart Jack-O-Lantern punch and a package of dimensional Jolee's Boutique Parcel Candy shop candy.

In order to be entered, please place a comment in the comment area about your favorite sort of Halloween Activity... Good Luck!!! Have fun and be safe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween ITT Swap Guidelines and Results

Halloween Inspired inchie, twinchie, and Trinchie swap

This swap is for anyone who would like Halloween Related embellishments and have a hard time finding unique ones. Please use at least 2 elements when creating your art. Sign or initial the backs of your creations.
Deadline: October 15, 2010

If you want to learn more about what an ITT is, please check out my blog:

So, what do you need to do?

1. Make 10 of the same image/art piece to swap.

2. You must use quality cardstock and quality products.

3. You must have at least 2 things that give your art character such as bling, brads, buttons, ribbon, fibers, glitter, clay pieces or whatever your heart desires.

4. Please place each inchie, twinchie, or trinchie in it's own envelope.

5. Not a requirement, but if you would like to jot down a little biography about yourself and your interests, that will only add to the enjoyment of your art.

6. Please include enough postage (figure the cost of what you paid to ship it) for your package plus 2 stamps, extras will be returned to you. Please do not send post dated postage because my Post office will not accept it. please send all art pieces that way I don't get confused thinking someone is missing a card.

7. When shipping, please use a sturdy envie or box. If using an envie, please make sure you have your items bundled and wrapped with bubble wrap or have a bubble wrap envie. This way it helps prevent any damage.

8. If you feel you can not fulfill your spot, please let us know asap to find angels. please do not wait a day or two before the deadline.

(I have started doing a lot of these type of swaps and shipping is pretty reasonable if you do first class, some would rather ship priority but that is up to you. Please No Post-Dated or metered postage, either send the amount of money plus cost of 2 extra postage stamps, or include enough postage plus 2 first class stamps in your packages). Thank you.


You will need to create 10 for each spot. All I ask is that you create something you would be proud of and happy to receive.

Due date:
October 15, 2010


Inchie: an embellished/decorated 1x1 inch square used for embellishments for cards, scrapbooks, projects, etc.

Twinchie: an embellished/decorated 2x2 inch square used for embellishments for cards, scrapbooks, projects, etc.

Trinchie: an embellished/decorated 3x3 inch square used for embellishments for cards, scrapbooks, projects, etc.

1.thesilentscrapper-  (Hostess)
4.DaniIsMimisMommy - 
8. MelissaTrott-



1.thesilentscrapper- Hostess



Great Holiday and Christmas Magazine: BHG Holiday Crafts 2010 A+++

I picked up this magazine a few days ago at our local grocery store. Better Homes and Gardens published the 2010 Holiday Crafts issue for $5.99. It is filled with some great Christmas ideas and gifts for the entire year. There are many “re-use” patterns and crafts. I think this is one my favorite magazines of all time. I scanned a few of their "completed" items to show you that this is a great inspiration generator. Next time you are at the store you should thumb through it. Have a great week.