Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Make Skittles- Not the Candy but the Craft (Hot Trend)

Directions come from a dear Message board friend named AnnaE. I tried her "recipe" and it all turned out.

With the skittles if you have a hard time finding a certain color you can color the clear ones yourself with alcohol inks. It's pretty simple:

get a small plastic zip lock bag

put in the amount of skittles you want to color

put 2-3 drops of the ink in the bag

seal and squish around to color

if they are not dark enough add another drop

add one drop at a time until it is the color you want

pour out on wax paper

let dry, about 5 minutes

put in a new plastic bag, label

I put the name of the color on the old plastic bag and reuse, I like to recycle. 

Twilight Shoebox Swap (My Finished Projects)

So, I was involved in, yet another, Twilight Eclipse Shoebox swap and I had 2 partners. I had a fun time creating these boxes. I even taught myself how to make "skittles"***(see note). I wanted to share with you the boxes I created and hopefully my partners won't sneak a peek, :) hehe.

Recovered Queen Anne Leather Chair

A fews years ago, I taught myself how to recover furniture basically out of need. We just did not have the money and so being college students on a budget, this became the norm. This summer I went to a few garage sales. I found this (sorta ugly blue) Queen Anne Chair for $5.00. I decided to take on the task and challenge to recover this chair. I spraypainted the chair, the original wood color was light colored almost a whitish color. Then, I removed the old fabric, sanded parts  to make the chair look distressed and recovered it with leather. I used various sorts of brads to give this a finished look.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney ITT Cricut Board Swap (Inchie, Twinchie and Trinchie)

These are a small sampling of the wonderful ITT's that have come in so far from various swappers for the Disney ITT on the Cricut.com Message board.

Pink Minnie Mouse Inchies: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)


Created the Twinchie Mickey Mouse Creative Memories Punch Design: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)
Others Created by: LauraHunter, ScrappinMom2

Will post more pics as they come through. For some reason my blog is not letting me add captions next to each pic for the creator. There are so much talent amongst these ladies. Cinderella's Trinchies, Toy Story Inchies created by: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)

Updating a Busy Life

Hello, friends, family, followers:

I wanted to take the time to say hello. I have been MIA in the online world but doesn't mean that I have been MIA in the Crafting World and helping to create memories for others. I was recently asked to be in the Permanent Display of MN Great Century Historic Artists. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the "crafts" I made would be hidden amongst the great jewels that society deems "Great" and wants it to be "remembered." I am humbled, but cautious. I don't want this little thing to go to my head. I need to create a 2'x2' piece of art to be showcased "forever" in the Minnesota State Art Museum.

So, please check back because I would love to show you a little bit of what I have been working on.

Kindest Regards,
Erica M. Kadrmas