Sunday, June 27, 2010

Edible Art, Bella Twilight Apple Decor

I recently bought an engraving dremel and wasn't sure how to use it. I played around with it a bit and that afternoon went to the craft store and found these fake looking apples. So, I wrote out the words/lettering with a ball point pen and etched the words: Edible Art, Bella?- Edward Cullen on it. This looks great in my art studio and adds some much needed Twilight Whimsy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Down To Business Part 1: Encouragement

Getting Down To Business

With today's economy being what it is, many people have started to take their lives back, sort of return to the American Pioneering Dream. The Early American Pioneering Dreamer that was new to this great country of ours knew what they wanted. They could start, and develop their own business; work for themselves was a common thing. Al beit, a farmer, tradesman, banker, home based business, and other do-it- yourself ideals is what American Dreams was founded upon. Many people are turning their ideas, hobbies and interests into careers. I was always told that if you did something that you loved, you would never work a day in your life. I believe that to be so true that I encourage my own children to grasp that belief. I want them to suceed in anything they want to do. I have three sons who are so different but yet alike in many ways.
My oldest has expressed interest in the Aerospace Enginnering Field and enjoys reading up on anything and everything Aerospace, this is fascinating for him. My second son has always enjoyed arts of all type and in a way, I would label him as a "Mixed-Media Artist." I don't like to categorize my kids but I can see my children getting jobs or doing careers in those exact fields.
  My third son is a free spirit and takes interest in whatever is around him. He enjoys doing what I do, what friends do, family and the rest of society. He is a sort of nomad who is not content in staying in one place too long. Some may call it ADD, but I just call it an interest in life and humanity. Today, he told me that he wished God gave him wings. When I asked him why, he said so that he could fly. I respond back to him that God gave man the ability (Yes, he knows the meaning behind the word at five years old, we don't baby or lessen words around our kids. I am not critizing anyone that may do this, it's just the way my husband and I are.) to create airplanes, helicopter, and rockets so that they, too, could fly. He ran to our bookshelf and grabbed his brothers book on airplanes that was a gift to my oldest son from his Grandpa who is an Aerospace Engineer. My youngest asks if Grandpa could fly, and I said yes. He asked where his Grandpa's wings were because he couldn't remember seeing them. I chuckle because how innocent and interested children are and can be. As we get older, many of us loose that innocence and the wonder of why we can't do certain things. I know that if one is encouraged enough to do what they love then they will enjoy their life.

Creative Home Covers for your Beloved Cricut Expression, Baby bug, Sewing Machines with accessories bag for sale

I love having my cricut on the shelf for easy access, amongst all my other "needed items. I created my own pattern slip covers with or without added embellishments (see word doc for items I can provide for your one-of-a-kind Protective covers to fit snuggly around my cricut expression machine and many other machines like sewing machines to protect your beloved machines, and crafting tools from being damaged, destroyed and protected from accidents or other mishaps. I am a custom seamstress and Furniture Reupholster Designer, Artist and Creater and can provide references and pictures upon request of various examples of my work. I literally have over 20 -40 gallon totes of fabric that range from cotton, silk, leather, jacquard, flannel, denim, upholstery and so on. I am currently trying to make these to save up for an embroidery sewing machine to be able to personalize these wonderful creations. The picture you are seeing is the pink and white polka dotted  cover for the Cricut Expression, and I created a small pouch holder for the cords and attachments. My prices will vary depending on if you want the basics, or use your own fabric, adding embellishments like buttons, pins, beads, and other "Cutesy" items. I am willing to sew curtains for an addititional fee (these will cost more). My starting rate for a "simple" Cricut Expression Cover is $32 on up which includes matching accessory bag. For the baby Cricut Bug Machine, the cover starts at $25 on up. Sewing Machines, Serger machines, YUDU and Yourstory machines vary in price, please email me at: with the word Machine cover/Cricut Cover so that I don't accidently delete you. I do take pride in my work. My pattern is my own and so please do not try and copy my pattern for profit. My patterns were created out of trial and error. Create covers for each season/special occassions or design of your room.I do custom photo transfer covers as well for an additional charges. I have been known to create slipcovers for chairs to match, along with aprons. For complete sheet details, I can email or send via snail mail you a copy of my rates. I can not do machine embroidery at this time as I am saving for one currently. I do, however, know how to cross stitch and do hand needlework for designs but that does cost per letter. If you need further examples I can send pictures. Thanks for looking.

I have hundreds of fabric patterns from childhood characters, holidays, chic, shabby chic, victorian, solid colors, western, satin and so on available and what I don't have, I can try and find. I will try and scan my sample fabrics for you to see.

Homemade Address Pages

Greetings to all. On a Message board I belong to the hostess and people who were in the swap needed people to fill in certain letters, basically to become "Angels." I got in very late in the game but got my 3 letters N-O-T done. We had to do 28 pages with the letter on one page and a second page with another 28 pages which then had to be matted. So all in a I made around 174 or so pages, here was my versions of the letters.

Altered Tim Holtz inspired Black and White Chandeler and Scroll Work Storage Pot

Another piece that I decided to alter. I spray painted this ugly green flower pot with white paint, and let it dry. I took my new Tim Holtz stamps and stamped the above images on all 4 sides. Now, I have a great pen holder for my craft room. I have been asked by a ton of people where I bought this. Must have done a good job. :)

Reclaimed Altered Cooking Pot Turned into Shabby Chic Storage

Our pots and pans are getting up in age and one day we were making dinner. Well, the inevitable happened and when we took a potholder to drain the noodles the handle fell off and we had noodles all over the floor. Tempted to throw this pot into the trash, I decided that I could reclaim it as a storage piece but first it must match the "look" I am going for in my Art/Craft Studio: Red/white/ and Black.

I sprayed paint the can 4 times with white spray paint (inside and out). I bought the neatest thick ribbon on an after Christmas sale, and attached it via the famous glue gun. Something was needed so I created a flower with a button that I sewed into the middle. Glued it on and now I have the perfect storage container for my paintbrushes.

Victorian Cameo Vintage Lace Pillow Ornaments

As many of you know, I love the Victorian era. I recently got into polymer clay and make my own Victorian cameos and other things. Well I put my vintage lace, polymer clay, tassles, fabric and sewing machine to work today and made these 2 ornaments. Love them and can't wait to put them on my tree. Another use for my cameos.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Altered Vintage Corset Burlesque Tags

Lately, I have become somewhat fascinated in the world of corsets. They played such a major role throughout history, thus creating contraptions of all sorts, special furniture such as a fainting couch, and much more. The strive for beauty may never end since there are records that date back thousands of years that, beauty will be the quest for many. So, I have started my own altered art Vintage Corset and Burlesque Tags. I must warn you, there are some tags that show more than others (if you know what I mean.) Since I collect a ton of vintage ephemera, my choices are and were endless. So far there are 10 tags created (not all shown) but I see this line going far.

Already have a few upscale boutiques wanting them. You may look, but please do not make copies etc. Thanks.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Short Lesson On Card Making

Start with any cardstock - a standard sized card is typically 4 ¼ x 5 ¾", which is made to fit into a standard 4 ½ x 6" envelope. So your paper's flat size should be 8 ½" x 5 ¾" wide. Then, once it's folded, you'll have your finished standard size. However, your card can ultimately be whatever size you'd like it to be, and it doesn't even need to be put inside of an envelope.

Embellishments: in the same fashion as a scrapbook page, you can add your embellishments to the outside and inside of your card. Also, the fun of making your own cards comes from adding different dimension to them - they don't have to always be flat like store-bought cards. By using objects to customize your cards, you can toss the envelope and create cards with lots of layers and dimension.

Additional Embellishments may include rubber stamps, stencils, clip art, bling, lace, ribbon...the list can go on and on. Wherever you find inspiration, whether it is through images or through words, you can certainly find ways to decorate your cards. Using your favorite verse from a poem,quotes or Bible scripture to give your card a peculiar meaning goes along way to the receiver. Use a set of rubber stamps to make a collage, then pencil them in with color, or use clip art to decorate your kid's cards, or you can use photos too.   ***Recently, I noticed at many discount stores like Tuesday Mornings, Dollar Tree and even Target's Dollar Spot offer stamps and embellishments and that they often get marked half off within weeks of first appearing.

Gift Sets: Home-made cards are excellent gifts for any occasion. You can apply a series of photos that you took at the local botanical garden and create a set of twelve unique cards. Or for the holidays, you can make someone's life so much easier by giving them a set of twenty of the same card for their Christmas-Card list. (This is a great gift idea for those on a budget but want to stretch their gift giving list just a bit. For those who own cutting machines such as the Cricut, there is a cartridge called Wild Cards and it contains over 50 different card making ideas.) It is never too early to get started on your gift list for weddings, showers, and Christmas gifts.