Thursday, June 10, 2010

Altered Vintage Corset Burlesque Tags

Lately, I have become somewhat fascinated in the world of corsets. They played such a major role throughout history, thus creating contraptions of all sorts, special furniture such as a fainting couch, and much more. The strive for beauty may never end since there are records that date back thousands of years that, beauty will be the quest for many. So, I have started my own altered art Vintage Corset and Burlesque Tags. I must warn you, there are some tags that show more than others (if you know what I mean.) Since I collect a ton of vintage ephemera, my choices are and were endless. So far there are 10 tags created (not all shown) but I see this line going far.

Already have a few upscale boutiques wanting them. You may look, but please do not make copies etc. Thanks.

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