Friday, June 11, 2010

Creative Home Covers for your Beloved Cricut Expression, Baby bug, Sewing Machines with accessories bag for sale

I love having my cricut on the shelf for easy access, amongst all my other "needed items. I created my own pattern slip covers with or without added embellishments (see word doc for items I can provide for your one-of-a-kind Protective covers to fit snuggly around my cricut expression machine and many other machines like sewing machines to protect your beloved machines, and crafting tools from being damaged, destroyed and protected from accidents or other mishaps. I am a custom seamstress and Furniture Reupholster Designer, Artist and Creater and can provide references and pictures upon request of various examples of my work. I literally have over 20 -40 gallon totes of fabric that range from cotton, silk, leather, jacquard, flannel, denim, upholstery and so on. I am currently trying to make these to save up for an embroidery sewing machine to be able to personalize these wonderful creations. The picture you are seeing is the pink and white polka dotted  cover for the Cricut Expression, and I created a small pouch holder for the cords and attachments. My prices will vary depending on if you want the basics, or use your own fabric, adding embellishments like buttons, pins, beads, and other "Cutesy" items. I am willing to sew curtains for an addititional fee (these will cost more). My starting rate for a "simple" Cricut Expression Cover is $32 on up which includes matching accessory bag. For the baby Cricut Bug Machine, the cover starts at $25 on up. Sewing Machines, Serger machines, YUDU and Yourstory machines vary in price, please email me at: with the word Machine cover/Cricut Cover so that I don't accidently delete you. I do take pride in my work. My pattern is my own and so please do not try and copy my pattern for profit. My patterns were created out of trial and error. Create covers for each season/special occassions or design of your room.I do custom photo transfer covers as well for an additional charges. I have been known to create slipcovers for chairs to match, along with aprons. For complete sheet details, I can email or send via snail mail you a copy of my rates. I can not do machine embroidery at this time as I am saving for one currently. I do, however, know how to cross stitch and do hand needlework for designs but that does cost per letter. If you need further examples I can send pictures. Thanks for looking.

I have hundreds of fabric patterns from childhood characters, holidays, chic, shabby chic, victorian, solid colors, western, satin and so on available and what I don't have, I can try and find. I will try and scan my sample fabrics for you to see.

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