Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Down To Business Part 1: Encouragement

Getting Down To Business

With today's economy being what it is, many people have started to take their lives back, sort of return to the American Pioneering Dream. The Early American Pioneering Dreamer that was new to this great country of ours knew what they wanted. They could start, and develop their own business; work for themselves was a common thing. Al beit, a farmer, tradesman, banker, home based business, and other do-it- yourself ideals is what American Dreams was founded upon. Many people are turning their ideas, hobbies and interests into careers. I was always told that if you did something that you loved, you would never work a day in your life. I believe that to be so true that I encourage my own children to grasp that belief. I want them to suceed in anything they want to do. I have three sons who are so different but yet alike in many ways.
My oldest has expressed interest in the Aerospace Enginnering Field and enjoys reading up on anything and everything Aerospace, this is fascinating for him. My second son has always enjoyed arts of all type and in a way, I would label him as a "Mixed-Media Artist." I don't like to categorize my kids but I can see my children getting jobs or doing careers in those exact fields.
  My third son is a free spirit and takes interest in whatever is around him. He enjoys doing what I do, what friends do, family and the rest of society. He is a sort of nomad who is not content in staying in one place too long. Some may call it ADD, but I just call it an interest in life and humanity. Today, he told me that he wished God gave him wings. When I asked him why, he said so that he could fly. I respond back to him that God gave man the ability (Yes, he knows the meaning behind the word at five years old, we don't baby or lessen words around our kids. I am not critizing anyone that may do this, it's just the way my husband and I are.) to create airplanes, helicopter, and rockets so that they, too, could fly. He ran to our bookshelf and grabbed his brothers book on airplanes that was a gift to my oldest son from his Grandpa who is an Aerospace Engineer. My youngest asks if Grandpa could fly, and I said yes. He asked where his Grandpa's wings were because he couldn't remember seeing them. I chuckle because how innocent and interested children are and can be. As we get older, many of us loose that innocence and the wonder of why we can't do certain things. I know that if one is encouraged enough to do what they love then they will enjoy their life.

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