Friday, June 11, 2010

Reclaimed Altered Cooking Pot Turned into Shabby Chic Storage

Our pots and pans are getting up in age and one day we were making dinner. Well, the inevitable happened and when we took a potholder to drain the noodles the handle fell off and we had noodles all over the floor. Tempted to throw this pot into the trash, I decided that I could reclaim it as a storage piece but first it must match the "look" I am going for in my Art/Craft Studio: Red/white/ and Black.

I sprayed paint the can 4 times with white spray paint (inside and out). I bought the neatest thick ribbon on an after Christmas sale, and attached it via the famous glue gun. Something was needed so I created a flower with a button that I sewed into the middle. Glued it on and now I have the perfect storage container for my paintbrushes.

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