Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney ITT Cricut Board Swap (Inchie, Twinchie and Trinchie)

These are a small sampling of the wonderful ITT's that have come in so far from various swappers for the Disney ITT on the Message board.

Pink Minnie Mouse Inchies: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)


Created the Twinchie Mickey Mouse Creative Memories Punch Design: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)
Others Created by: LauraHunter, ScrappinMom2

Will post more pics as they come through. For some reason my blog is not letting me add captions next to each pic for the creator. There are so much talent amongst these ladies. Cinderella's Trinchies, Toy Story Inchies created by: Erica M. Kadrmas (thesilentscrapper)

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