Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Make Skittles- Not the Candy but the Craft (Hot Trend)

Directions come from a dear Message board friend named AnnaE. I tried her "recipe" and it all turned out.

With the skittles if you have a hard time finding a certain color you can color the clear ones yourself with alcohol inks. It's pretty simple:

get a small plastic zip lock bag

put in the amount of skittles you want to color

put 2-3 drops of the ink in the bag

seal and squish around to color

if they are not dark enough add another drop

add one drop at a time until it is the color you want

pour out on wax paper

let dry, about 5 minutes

put in a new plastic bag, label

I put the name of the color on the old plastic bag and reuse, I like to recycle. 

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