Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whimsical Vintage Humor Card

      Currently, I am in a swap that requires altering, perhaps make it vintage with a twist. I love looking at old newspaper or magazine ads and thinking about what other sayings could go with the pictures. I was asked to create a greeting card, and I figured that we could always use a Get Well card. So I found an underwear ad where a guy is looking down at his tighty whiteys, when I first saw this I imagined a mother's voice in the background telling her kids that you need to always wear a clean pair of underwear when leaving the house. My mom said that, and perhaps her mother told her that. Hense, the clean underwear legacy. I typed the following statement:

Suddenly, the words of his mother haunted him, And he wasn't so sure anymore.

The inside greeting reads: 

Start your day fresh. Get Well Soon.

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