Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twilight Twinches, ATC, and Paper Pads...Tiny pieces of Art

Recently, I joined a trading swap for people who enjoy altered art, similar interests and creative ways to express themselves. One of the requirements said I needed to make 2 Twilight Twinches. Yes, I am little too fond of that series but it keeps me inspired. Well, what was my result? Above you will see 2 rows of twinches that relate to the first Twilight Movie.

Now, you may or may not be asking what a twinchie is, but I was totally unaware of these things and there was an actual name for them. Here is just one way to describe them:
a 2"x2" square that can be its own work of art, or incorporated into another design size.

I added little words, some ribbons, brads, foam, glitter, glue, and other mediums to these tiny pieces of art. Next, you will see an ATC (not Twilight related) but from a decade swap I was in where I chose my decade, and it was 1900-1909. I used a classic Ford vehicle, twine, hand sewn pieces together, poker chip, sticker bubble, and a key brad. An ATC is basically the artist version of a baseball collectors card.

For quite some time, I have enjoyed the following statement and use it whenever I get the chance: Do You See What I Feel? I took a tiny notepad of paper and glued cardstock to it. I used rubber stamps, printed out the phrase and cut it into tiny pieces.

Clearly there are so many ways to add a spark of creativity in everything you make.

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