Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Disney Valentine Gift Baskets and Items for Teachers

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Teacher, Friends, Neighbors and Everyone who is Important in Your Life

Each year, we are given a day to express our love, devotion, and care for those who mean something to us and create something unique to them. I enjoy the challenge of creating a sort of artsy craft for teacher, my kid’s friends, and neighbors just to name a few. A few years ago, I made Disney Valentine Bags (the picture is posted on the left hand side of the screen) for my sons and they were a big hit! This year I was feeling a little ambitious and have been very busy trying to create something special for those who teach our children, something besides the obvious.
I bought several bags of mixed candies, Valentine’s paper, Ribbon, Heart shaped baskets, and heart shaped boxes of chocolate, pencils and other items. I individually wrapped most of the items for each gift basket. I needed to make 4 and wanted a little variation given to each teacher.
I took Valentine’s paper and wrapped miniature candy boxes/bags, the Valentine Heart, Magnets that were attached by a pencil and could be easily taken off so the teacher could use the magnet as well as the pencil well after Valentine’s. I took a ton of pictures to give you ideas and to spark just a little creativity to those who care so much for others. It is amazing what you can do with paper, tape, labels, candy….I found a great teacher poem and printed it off and attached them to heavy cardstock; this can also be used as a magnet. I created little sayings that would mean something to those teachers. I asked my kids to ask their teachers what sort of Disney characters they liked, and I got to work using my Cricut Expression cutting machine. I am still working on assembling the baskets and will post within the next few days. These were really time consuming and so far I am really pleased with the items I have made…


  1. Finally getting around to assembling these gifts. I used the Cricut cart "A Child's Year" and cut out a few of the Children's Valentines outlines. I will post a pic as soon as I am done. Lynne, Thank you so much for being one of the nicest people I know. You are a Godsend!