Friday, February 5, 2010

Twilight Inspired Cullen Crest Chess/ Checkers Game Piece Cameos

After tinkering around with some clay and fine little tools, I have begun the process of making my very own "Twilight" Cullen Family vs. Volturi Chess game. I made a ton of these cameo crests with the hope that at least one turns out the way I like it and I could continue. Ta Da!!! 16 turned out...Next I will start on my version of a "Volturi" crest of some sorts. I could not wait to show you the pieces and I tried to find the digital camera that I thought was buried under much craft-related clutter.

The result: I spent an hour tonight doing intense cleaning in my studio (it did need it) only to discover that my digital camera was not in there, and I think one of the kids has it hidden amongst their lego creations. So, for now, you will get a small version (sample) of my crest display. I used a black fabric with red lace. I figured the black fabric and red lace to surround the cameos would to start my excitement of the upcoming Twilight Saga movie "Eclipse." I plan on making just a few more, some for a trinket box, charms, and other exciting thoughts that will come to exist. Most likely, I will make a special trinket box for the game pieces.

On another note: Today, I spent an entire day at the mall (haven't done that since I was a teenager) and went to a store called: Hot Topic. At first, I was leary and hesitant to go inside because there was some "racy" or "not quite me" things that are the first thing you see in a display. A flash of excitement burst in my heart as I saw a "CLEARANCE: 1/2 Off" Twilight New Moon area. Okay, I was sold. I saw all sorts of neat things, body glitter, shirts, Bella's Birthday dress, posters, trunks and much more. Even at half off, everything was still a little spendy. But, I splurged. I ended up buying the Green coat that Bella wears in the movie. I figured it would be a great spring jacket and I liked it. Happy Twilighting!

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