Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remembering Our Past

          Scrapbooking has truly given me a new appreciation for human life and those before mine. Recently, I created a “Heritage” (1) scrapbook page of my husband’s Grandfather who served our country proud. He is a true American Hero. You don’t need much to make your page pop and appear like a piece of art. After going to a few tag sales, estates sales and the like, I found military buttons, Peru money, and all sorts of other goodies that would give the page the respect that it demanded. Along with the Jolee’s Army brand line of stickers, my page was brought to life. I could almost imagine the setting he was placed in. I could hear missiles and the planes flying above his head. After receiving these photos I sat and looked at them over and over again and knew that this was going to be a treasured Heritage page. Even though, I never knew him, he still existed and fought for our freedom. For the Military families around the world, our heart remains with you. How nice would it be, if you had a child in the military that you placed their photos in a special scrapbook to chronicle how special their lives are?

(1) Heritage Scrapbook-

One website defines it as “Heritage scrapbooks contain multi-generational family photographs, mementos, and information about the family history, culture, and traditions of one's ancestors.

You may think it is not possible to do a heritage album without possessing generations of family photographs. Not only is it possible, it is very desirable to assemble other materials to craft a heritage album that not only contains old photos but also information about the family history, culture, and the traditions of one's ancestors not easily captured in photographs.

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