Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hunter's Dinosaur Busy Can

My son Hunter loves Dinosaurs and so one day I decided to make him a "busy can." Basically, he could fill it up with toys that would fit in the can and we weren't hauling every little thing under the sun or that did not fit in the can. Sometimes, I would add snacks to it and little surprises. I used a brand new, never been used paint can that I bought at the local hardware store for $1.99. Sure, I could have bought one at a LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) but then I would have paid 3-4 times more. I used modge podge to decopauge the scrapbook paper onto the can. The cricut cart "Paper Doll Dress Up" was used to create these little dinosaurs. You would not believe all the positive reactions I would get when Hunter took the can with him to some of my doctors appointments or to visit a friend and he would sit and play with out making a scene. Once, the can was dried I added a sealer so that it could be easily wiped off for sanitary reasons. He still has the can and we take it on trips. It truly helps cut down on a ton of extra toys in the van.

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