Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scrapbooking Major News Events for Future Generations...

During each person's lifetime, there are many minor and major newsworthy events that take place. Sure we read about our history in school text books, but if you haven't been to school in awhile and happen to thumb through a newly published text you may find some of the past events altered in small ways. I feel that it is important to document life's experiences as they happen because in some way they have altered your life and everyone that you come into contact with. Most people remember what they were wearing, what they were doing, where they were when there was a moment during that day that would forever alter the lives of many. I wanted my children to understand the significance of 9-11 and how that affected my personal life and my friends and family. I printed out many pictures showing that days events and days that followed and scrapbooked those into a special scrapbook for Newsworthy events. I have decided that I would save my "journaling" for these type of pages and how they would forever alter our lives. I have been asked by others who view my pages, why I would do a page on Saddam or when the Pope died, even the infamous Anna Nicole Smith. It is because in some way they made an impression on me. I do believe these pages will be important one day because it was history through my eyes and I feel that future generations will want to know the experiences of those whose lives were forever altered by a newsworthy event.

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