Friday, August 6, 2010

Wooden Nightstand "Re-Design" Before and After Pics


 I truly enjoy being able to alter, and give new life to objects that may be ready to toss. 2 times a year our small town lets its residents put all sorts of garbage/old wood and such on the curb and they will come over and pic. This year I felt like I hit the lottery because I found a ton of old window with the glass still intact and they came from a home just down the street that is over 120 years old. I love old architecture type items and catching people's interest in unique ways.

   While driving around, I spotted a really sad looking nightstand, and immediately ideas came pouring out. I didn't want to strip it, sand it, varnish and so on. I knew my son needed a nightstand so I decided to paint it a color that would compliment his room decor. I used 2 different colors of blue paint and it has a sort of  water feel to it. I am very proud of this little table. It took  me less than an hour to sand and paint it. 



  1. Okay so it worked! I can leave comments :D
    I love this, very inspiring! I just got an old wooden wine box that I want to alter to put my shoes in. Want to guess where I got the idea? Hopefully I'll send you pics to see how it turns out. By the way I love your new Layout for the blog! Take Care Erica