Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Secret Sister Shoebox Swap Results- Claudia

My dear friend Claudia was my 2nd partner in this swap, and she did a remarkable job in everything she made and bought! She altered a shoebox for me (see all angles), then filled it with some great items. She altered a Coffee Cup/Holder in Twilight Colors, created some wonderful bookmarks. I was so excited when I saw the the altered storage holder that held Twilight related stamps (wanted but had not purchased yet). She used her Cricut to create several Twilight insipired "Cuts." The chipboard will come in handy for some upcoming projects. I am amazed everyday at the talent that was given to each and everyone of us. She included stickles keeping with the Twilight theme along with my favorite ink pad!Thank you Claudia from the bottom of my heart, I love everything! I think she has the Midas touch because everything she creates is beautiful.


  1. You wish that was it... That's not all! Remember! I forgot some stuff... SORRY!

  2. Claudia, I truly loved everything. I used the Dazzled stamp that you sent to me on the Twilight Recipe Ice Page and used stickles to make it "dazzle." Thank you so much! I will be sending your ITT's soon.