Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bucket List...Do You Have One?

   Hello Dear Friends,I figured it was time to jot down some thoughts and ideas for personal reasons and to just "Put it out there." Sure the list makes me vulnerable but then it shows people that I do have reasons for doing things. If you haven't already watched the movie "The Bucket List" I highly recommend it. The premise is these 2 guys meet who do not have a long time to live and so one of the guys writes a list down on a normal piece of paper of things he'd like to do before he "kicks the bucket." The other guy finds his list and starts adding to it and says "We can do this. We have just months the doctor says, we can go out with our guns blazing...." Or at least something like that. Over the years, I have created all sorts of "bucket lists." Sure, I did not call it that but, they were lists that I created and shared with some of my closest friends and family. It made me accountable. When I was in my twenties (32 now) I had the dream of getting my first book published by age 30, and shared that dream and goal with another fellow author. Well, that dream was accomplished at age 28 (3 years before my 5 year deadline). Setting these goals and perhaps posting or sharing them holds us accountable. Life is so short and precious. My list consists of some family goals and things to do within the next few years, but it mainly deals with my own dreams and goals. I know that if I accomplish them, it will not only help me but everyone that comes into my life.

   A few years ago, I was flipping channels and stopped on the Oprah show to watch this guy (didn't know his name at the time) who turned out to be a professor at Carnegie Melon University named Randy Pausch and he was giving his "Last Lecture." The last lecture is something that is often asked of teachers, professionals, and others to give either at the end of a school year, retirement and other things about things you may have done better, wish you may have accomplished etc. Turns out when Randy Pausch was giving his "last lecture" someone recorded his lecture and posted it on Youtube. I will let you watch it, because it will inspire you. He wrote a book about his last lecture and it is one everyone should read at least once, or perhaps give to a student getting ready to graduate. These are the movies and people that will change your life.

   If you haven't sat down recently to write what you may want to do with your precious life or perhaps how you may want to be remembered, I ask that you challenge yourself and do it. Life goals are important to have and give your life meaning. I may or may not post my own bucket list, but wanted to at least get you started on one, perhaps it may to smile at a stranger today or say hello. All it takes is one step to change your life and the lives of others around you. One more "Youtube" moment, I was looking for inspirational videos and actually typed those words in and came across the following video, and it was remarkable. I hope you find it as inspirational as I did. So, my question to you today is, do you have a bucket list?


  1. Congrats on acheiving your goal of writing and publishing a book..which we both know I LOVE!! And Randy Pausch's book is great too!
    Maybe one day I will create my own Bucket List (which is a good movie)

  2. Fantastic article! I live by this motto too! :) Thanks for inspiring your followers!!!