Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life through My Eyes

    It is truly amazing what comes before our eyes and we often forget to remember those little moments that create the real Ah-ha moments. Today was a special day for my family and I as two of my sons and I attended “our” first Art Show that had “our” artwork which took place in Hawley, MN.

We met some great artists who were showing and displaying what great talent there is in each generation. I witnessed my youngest son, eagerly running from painting to painting wanting to find his brothers artwork and his Mommy’s. He made it very well known that he knew who did what and we had to quiet him down a little. He took the digital camera and was off like a speeding bullet, snapping pictures of whatever caught his eye. I must admit it was special seeing the things that made his night memorable. I enjoyed seeing the pride and joy in my two son’s eyes as their framed artwork was displayed for the entire world to see. They were given “Exhibitor” ribbons with their names on it and
people stopped and talked to them about their artwork.

As I drove home, I smiled at my oldest as he beamed with pride. Tomorrow will be another exciting day for him as he enters the Minnesota State Math Finals. I will patiently wait until he enters the door to find out his placement. I want him to be amongst the finalists but it keeps me content and proud that he made it this far in his education and I won’t begrudge him if he doesn’t place. Once again, Tanner is inspired to create more art on canvas after meeting the “famous” artist that lives in Hawley, MN. Hunter likes to take pictures, so I think a camera will be worked in as a reward for something, not sure what. When I arrived home, there was an adorable note from my middle son, Tanner that was folded into a boat that read: Open Me. Inside the note was: I Heart (Love) U! Tears came to my eyes and I was overcome with emotions because he was happy.

 I gave him a sterling silver cross ring that had Our Lord on it for a souvenir of his “Big Night.” I was rewarded with a great big hug, and a tear from him. I must say that life through my eyes is truly special and memorable.

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