Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010 "Wasted" Altered Art Display Show Exhibit Entries

I did it!

I entered my first art show which was labeled as the 12th Annual Waste Transformation Art Exhibition sponsored by the Clay County Environmental Program, and Moorhead Library. I entered 21 items and found out today that I placed 3rd in the Adult category. When I got to my Display, I noticed one of the items was upside down and so I had to contact one of the coordinators to unlock the cabinet and place it correctly. To name a few items entered was an altered game piece Whitman Candy box, an old picnic basket, and equal box converted into a candy holder, cookie cutter & scrap wood turned into a child's pull toy, and many others. It was interesting standing back and listening to people ohhh and ahhhh at my things. I was shocked to find that 19 of the 21 items were the only items in the entire exhibit to be displayed in a locked glass cabinet.

 My "Relax" altered sign was placed on the top of the display case. The other item not in the case was my "Childhood Remembered" bench.

The first place winner was very creative and used a rusty can filled with cement and the wood handle of an old rake. Then the rake pieces were bent to form the appearance of leaves. Soda cans were then cut into sections and then painted to resemble sunflowers. The second place winner used old empty soda and water bottles that they painted and glued together to resemble a peacock. I am really proud of my "Usable" art, that was the term I heard throughout the art exhibit show. One person said that the artist who made the things in that cabinet created the only "usable" art items. I guess I never labeled my things as "Waste Art," but as "Altered Art."


  1. Great job on 3rd place!! Yahoo!!

  2. How exciting Erica! Could you add more pics of your other goodies and upcycled altered art for all of us to see? Would love to see them because what you did show us made me want to see more! Congrats and I like the idea that your stuff was at least "useable" art. Ain't that the best kind!!! Way To Go girl!