Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adorable Edible Candy Train Party Favors

Adorable Red Edible Candy Train Party Favors
One day I was pondering over party favors for a Boy's Birthday. He loved trains and was only 3 years old. I decided to make an Edible Candy Train. I used the following candy: 2 York Peppermint Patties with red foil, 2 red lifesaver candies, a 5 piece pack of Big Red chewing gum, and 2 red Hershey's Krackel Chocolate Candy Bars. Since these are meant to be consumed I decided against a glue gun and used "Glue Dots." Glue Dots are an amazing invention and you can do so much with it. Many professional gift basket makers use this in their gift baskets to secure items in the basket or other container. These were such a hit at the party that I plan on doing several for an upcoming event in August called "The Steam Threshers" Reunion. During the event, several old tools, farm equipment, some of the first school buses that have coal ovens to keep the kids warm and was horse drawn. They have all sorts of fun and games. If you ever get a chance to come to this event and the Barnesville, MN Potato Days (Held the same weekend) you are in for a weekend of fun for the entire family. Yes, I said for the entire family and not just for the person who likes antiques, collectible farm machinery, potato lover, wrestling in mashed potatoes. Next time, you are needing a quick and reasonable party gift or for bake sales, these little trains are wonderful to make and sell.


  1. Thank you Lynne. How are you doing? Sending you a little spirit lifter so keep your eyes on the mail.