Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Altered Easter Paint Can Design

     Altering items and giving them new lives, is very exciting for me. Recently, I joined an Easter Paint can swap on a messageboard that I belong to. The rules were simple: Design and alter a paint can that your swap partner would love, and fill it with all sorts of crafting/scrapbooking/personal items that your partner would love. I went to Michael's craft store and they had a great line of scrapbooking paper, stamps and other embellishments. On the lid I distressed a round fitted piece of paper, attached a bird tag, added prima (paper) flowers, and a brad. Then I took out one of the latest rubber stamps I bought that had a chandelier on it. I used a silver stamp pad and stamped the lid. The paper was attached using double sided tape. The hardest part of the entire can was to cut the paper in the right places so that the handle wouldn't be hard to reattach and for a more finished "Look."  I contacted each of my partners, and although this was supposed to be an Easter "looking" can, they wanted a can that could be used year round.I enjoyed making them so much that I made one for myself in the same papers.

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