Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twilight's Volturi Wedding Gift Box and Necklace to Bella Cullen


        A few years ago, I went to an auction that had all sorts of strange and misc. items. One box had many pieces of hardware and extra crystals from a chandelier. I was in a Twilight Swap and needed to make something special for my partner. I decoupaged a wooden box, and added jewels and pearls to it. The inside of the box is the Volturi's note to Bella about looking forward to meeting the new Ms. Cullen. I made a "diamond looking" pendant from an old chandelier that I polished. Then found a fairly thick and longer gold chain to hang it from. It was fun to make this and learn a little more about jewelry making and being able to create a "green" style necklace that used found items in new ways.

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