Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Altered Tiny Pieces of Art Pink/Blue, and Pink/Black Inchie Swap Results

Inchie Swap Results

         I was recently in a swap on the Cricut.com message board where we needed to make 20- 1 inch x 1 inch and alter them as we saw fit. I ended up making over 320 inchies in Pink/Black, Pink/Brown, Blue/Black, and Blue/Brown. The ones that I have posted here are from the Pink/Black and Pink/Brown Swap. The other colors are going to be here in a few weeks. A few people dropped out of the swap and we needed “Angels” to make up for the ones that would be missing, and I volunteered. The hostess AudraBailey was fantastic and very organized. She did a remarkable job. I have met some great people on the message board through these swaps. Well they arrived yesterday, and everyone did such a fantastic job. Here is the result:

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