Friday, March 5, 2010

Twilight's Famous Santa: Waylon Forge ATC

Twilight’s Famous Santa: Waylon Forge ATC

          I decided that it was time to pay homage and respect to the lesser known characters throughout the Twilight series books and movies. My first inspiration comes from a scene in the movie Twilight when Bella first comes back into town. Charlie, a single bachelor father with limited cooking skills, introduced his daughter to the finer things in life by going to the small Forks café that becomes a character in itself. As the waitress serves Bella her veggie platter a grubby sort of guy that looks like he may drink a little lurks behind her eager to get his chance to talk to Bella. He introduces himself as Waylon Forge, a guy who played Santa for years. Jokes are made at his expense but he is a good sport about it and adds a little humor to the conversation after being called: Butt Crack Santa. He jokes about the fact that the kids like those little bottles… It truly takes a character much courage to make a joke about himself. As you can see in the ATC of Waylon Forge, I found a picture of his face, enlarged it to the size I needed and cut it to fit the scene of the Santa I had found through many pages of clip art. The Scene with Santa has him lounging on a hammock, soaking in the sun’s rays while holding a mixed cocktail. I then took a glitter glue with tiny snowflakes in it and placed a layer on the card to make it “sparkle.” I decided to add a silver pine tree brad to give the illusion that even though he was at the beach, he entertained at all times.

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