Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugly Peasant Doll Svelda Borat

Meet Svelda Borat

         Svelda Borat is an odd doll, and considered an “Ugly Doll.” I used beads for her eyes and for her teeth. I then painted her teeth silver. Her nose is not quite centered but fits her body and personality. I used tan polymer clay. She walks with a limp. I added red curly doll hair to her head and glued it in place. I found some flannel fabric and hand stitched patches on it. She has a plaid scarf tied around her hair.       
        Svelda was born in Romania, and orphaned at a young age when her parents saw her for the first time. She was born with one leg longer than the other which causes her to walk with a limp. Svelda is 103 years old. She keeps to herself. Once, she was called a witch by many of the townsfolk. Her odd look and fire red hair contributed to the image. She lives in a small cottage house in the middle of the woods. When Svelda was a child she was taught how to sew, and to make fabric. She never has any visitors and therefore she decides to stay in her home as often as she can. Her hands give her trouble and her eyesight is failing, so she is no longer able to sew or make fabric. She patches her clothes with whatever she haves on hand. Although, she is considered an Ugly doll, she is her own person and quite the character.

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