Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dancing Monk

The Dancing Monk

         The Dancing Monk is inspired by the 17th century monk. He was born and raised in China in a Buddhist temple. He just turned 78 years old, and has lived a long, pious life. He is highly respected amongst his people. He has deep wisdom that has been passed down to him. He will get a name soon, but for now he is “The Dancing Monk.” I used silk fabric for his shirt and for the pants. When creating the face, I added lines in the forehead and made his face appear kind. He stands less than 5 inches. I used tan Sculpey polymer clay for his skin color. I baked him at 275 degrees for about 1 ½ hours, and then let him sit for a few hours. I used a real gold chain as his belt and attached some charms to it which were a keys and a roller. His shoes are made out of felted wool and strapped to his feet. I made a gold and white holder that has some papyrus paper that contains a verse that is written in Chinese. I have it neatly tucked under his arm and hand. He is truly one of a kind. I was recently asked to make another one just like this but he turned out a little different. I think that each character needs his own personality and so he is special.

Some facts regarding Polymer Clay:

Polymer Clay is one of my most favorite art medium and I enjoy making all sorts of things with it. When you are working with the clay and getting ready to bake, it is best to use a separate pan and a toaster oven. There are some harmful chemicals that come out when baking and that are why you would want to get a separate oven, and pans. Be careful when taking out your items and wash your hands immediately after you are done.

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