Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Altered Black and White Polymer Clay Cameo Napkin Holders

Altered Black and White Cameo Napkin Holders

             I always think that it is a waste to throw out all of those empty napkin rolls. One day, a thought came to me and I decided to make 4 Oriental Good Luck Napkin Holders. I cut the roll into 4 sections. I created a mold with some Oriental symbolism and used polymer clay to make me 4 cameos. While they baked, I took out the handy glue gun and attached a beautiful Black and white scroll-like pattern and glued it into place. When the cameos were finally done and cooled down, I used the glue gun to place a cameo in the center where the beginning and the ending of the ribbon met to sort of disguise that line. They are fun to use when you have guests,Chinese New Years, or to simply dress up your table for “looks.”

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