Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Altered Art "The Girl With A Pearl Earring Classic Cigar Box,Handbag & Purse

The Girl with A Pearl Earring Classic Cigar Box Handbag and Purse

    One day while shopping at Michaels Craft store, I walked down the unpainted wood aisle and stumbled into uncharted territory and a new love was born. There were wooden boxes, letters, shapes, benches, jewelry boxes, trunks, wooden handbags and much more. There were all sorts of handles, and mirrors to adhere to the inside of the wooden box. I bought a package of a 3”x3” mirrors. I used a silver acrylic paint both inside and outside. I printed some classic pictures from Dover Art software: The Girl with a Pearl Earring, and one of a classic lady resting.I added a few words around the outside of the wooden Purse box and it reads: Do You See What I feel? Peace, Hope, Love, Pain, Sorrow, Fear. I added a blue ribbon on the edges of either side with a glue gun.

 I used some Cat’s Eye Chalk ink to distress the edges. Then, I took out the Modge Podge and attached the pictures to either side of the box. I added a pearl stone so that it would make the earring pop. I wanted a unique handle so I bent 2 silver spoons and hot glued them to the bamboo handle.

 For extra durability I wrapped a blue ribbon around the spoons. In the inside of the box, I glued the small mirror I bought and glued the same blue trim around the mirror.

I have used it only a few times but I truly enjoy just looking at it. These box purses can be made to fit the person who is making it or for the person you plan on giving it to. All it takes is a little creativity to create a masterpiece.

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