Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Altered Paper Notebooks


      Recently I was sorting through many boxes and came across several plain notebooks. I like to keep them in my purse, handy in case an idea of inspiration overwhelms me. I think it's important that the accessories in your purse, briefcase, backpack and other everyday holders be as nice as the container or holder it comes in. Some may ask "What are you talking about? A notebook is a notebook." It adds a little special something when you can pull out an item to make the people around you stare or inquire on where you got this or that. Since most of the people around me know that I alter items, many have asked for these personal touches to items in their everyday lives.
      When making and altering these notebooks, I knew 3 things for sure:
  1. The book needs to be secure or at least able to close.
  2. The book needs to be altered to fit the person using it.
  3. The book needs to have a personality of its own.

    To address the first, must haves, I used ribbon and good old-fashioned velcro to keep these books somewhat private. Second, personal touches such as stickers, photos, and other meaningful embellishments were secured onto the tiny notebook. I hand stamped the pages using an adorable vintage looking chair which made each blank page, pop. The last requirement for the altered notebooks needed unique items even though some may look exactly the same. Al beit, lace, brads, word, pictures, buttons, feathers, beads were added to give each book its own glory. Next time you are short on cash, or are needing a last minute gift for birthdays, showers, and just because, pull out some everyday items and make them special by catering to that person's likes. A personalized touch makes a differance in a gift and that is what keeps your gift from being forgotten or tossed aside. Just be creative, and use what you have.

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