Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Minature Polymer Clay Cave Man Ugly Doll and Figurine

Miniature Cave Man Ugly Doll and Figurine

   By now, those who have read my blog know that I truly make one of kind items and use all sorts of products, supplies, and much more. I taught myself how to do all sorts of crafts, never doing the same idea or craft twice. “The Caveman “was an interesting doll to make. He is another doll that would be considered an “Ugly Doll.”

   I used Sculpey white clay to create the entire body, minus the doll hair which was made from doll hair. I used a distressing ink to add age and interest. Then, I baked “The Caveman” in my toaster oven for about 2 hours. He then sat so the clay could somewhat dry more. I used a glue gun to add the red doll hair so that it would not fall off, painted his eyes blue and his lips red. I took a strong glaze and brushed it on him with even strokes. The Caveman is 2 ½ inches in size.

A little background about the caveman:

   The Caveman’s real name is Huhn. He was born 500 hundred years before Christ. He had the talent of great storytelling which kept him on a high honor as a Chief or Alpha in his tribe. He could sit for hours staring at something that caught his eye, and he would eventfully try to possess the object in question. He was always on the front line of any hunting expedition. He was born 500 years BC, and lived until 620 BC, making his age over 120 years old. He had a mate  when he was younger named Shesan and she died while giving birth to Huhn’s child. She was his true love and it broke his heart to lose her. A major part of him died when Shesan died, and he vowed never to marry again. He was not a typical caveman for he showed a kindness, and love towards others. When he passed away, the entire tribe they were no longer sure what to do. Their leader was dead. Most of the tribe decided to split up and join or create their own tribes. “The Caveman” is what kept that tribe together in harmony. He was deeply missed.

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