Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Result of Twilight's Cullen vs. the Volturi Checker/ Chess Game Board

      In earlier postings, I posted the pieces of a checkers game that I made for one of the best book series I have read in awhile: Twilight. I created Cullen Crest and Volturi Crest pieces out of polymer clay. I used some decoupage glue and attached each "color" square to a sturdy piece of cardstock, then finished gluing it onto a piece of wood that was cut to fit onto the 12"x12" board. I distressed the edges and sealed it. I created a little baggy that goes inside an altered box to hold all the game pieces. I took several photos to show the steps.
       Supplies needed:

Start of Layering:

Finished Board:
Bag holding the pieces and the box the pieces are housed in:

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